Twin Screw Extrusion

Twin-screw extruders are versatile, continuous, small mass mixers that improve quality and ensure consistency in a manner unmatched by any other mixing equipment in the pharma industry. The interactions between formulation variables and extrusion operational parameters are complex and require an in-depth knowledge of the extrusion process.

ExxPharma staff have over 40 years of combined experience in the application of the fundamental principles of the emerging technology of twin screw extrusion (TSE) in pharmaceutical development. The knowhow developed over the years has allowed ExxPharma to design several innovative technologies pertaining to solubilization, modified release, abuse deterrence, and fixed dose combination products among others.

xxPharma has proprietary complementary solubility/bioavailability enhancement technology platforms that do not only enhance the bioavailability and hence the clinical viability of new molecular entities, but also would contribute significantly to the life-cycle management of these products and other marketed products. The technologies utilize commonly used formulation components and are applicable to all poorly soluble drug substances irrespective of their physicochemical properties.

•      The technology platforms

•      provide dosage forms that are superior to amorphous solid dispersions

•      prevent nucleation during dissolution and maintains super-saturation

•      generate products that have pH independent dissolution profiles

•      reduce or eliminate food effect

•      reduce inter- and/or intra-subject PK variability