Solubility Enhancement

ExxPharma’s proprietary twin screw extrusion-based solubility enhancement technologies (DisExx™, SolExx™) are applicable to all poorly soluble drug substances irrespective of their physicochemical properties. Both technologies can integrate solubility enhancement with modified release or fixed dose combination products.


Modified Release

ExxPharma’s proprietary tamper-resistant, modified release technology platforms (OptExx™, ModExx™) generate robust dosage forms that are not susceptible to changes in release rate due to food effect or inadvertent tampering. The technologies provide products which exhibit a variety of release profiles.


Abuse deterrent Formulations

ExxPharma’s proprietary abuse deterrent technology platform (Sync-Loc™) utilizes a solvent-free continuous process to generate tamper-resistant products. The technology integrates mechanical, physical and chemical barriers to generate a synchronized abuse deterrent multi-barrier system that prevents dosage form tampering and abuse.


Other Technologies

Each of ExxPharma’s proprietary technologies can be integrated with one another to provide value-added fixed dose combination products without compromising the benefits of each of the technologies. The same technologies are also applicable to high dose products, taste-masking and orally disintegrating/dispersible systems.