Specialty Generics

ExxPharma utilizes its drug delivery technologies to develop specialty generic products and partners with pharmaceutical companies at different stages of development to complete development and obtain approval for commercialization. Products are selected based on product complexity, on the one hand, and market opportunities on the other.

Formulations and manufacturing processes are designed and developed to improve quality, minimize risk, reduce manufacturing cost, and ensure patient compliance.

These products are filed for approval through the ANDA regulatory pathway.

Product Enhancements of Approved Products

ExxPharma also partners with pharmaceutical companies to develop product enhancements of marketed products which may include improved bioavailability, reduced dose, improved safety profile, reduced food effect, new indications or development of abuse deterrent products to combat the opioid epidemic.

ExxPharma utilizes its patented technologies to develop these products, which are filed through the 505(b)(2) NDA regulatory pathway.