Modified Release

ModExx™ and OptExx™, Highly Versatile Modified Release Technologies


Development of modified release products is challenging, not only because the rate of drug delivery has to be very precise and should maintain therapeutically effective blood levels in the body in order to meet predetermined criteria for safety and efficacy, but also the dosage forms have to accommodate the high drug load usually needed for extended release products. Premature drug release (dose dumping) from the high strength dosage forms and susceptibility to changes in release rate due to food effect and inadvertent tampering are of major concern.


ExxPharma has developed modified release technology platforms (ModExx™ and OptExx™) that generate dosage forms which do not lead to dose dumping due to food effect or inadvertent tampering by patients. The technologies are applicable to poorly soluble and highly soluble drug substances, and are designed to provide dosage forms that exhibit a variety of release mechanisms, including zero-order release. The dosage forms comprise tablets or pellets and can accommodate high drug load.



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