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Fixed Dose Combination Drug Products


ComExx™ and MaxExx™, Flexible Proprietary FDC Technologies


Development of fixed dose combination products pose a challenge when it comes to the amount of active ingredients that must be incorporated in the dosage forms and the physicochemical incompatibilities that may potentially exist between drug substances. Fixed Dose Combination products appropriately designed improve compliance, enhance clinical outcomes and add value to both patients and manufacturers in terms of cost and sales. For patients, a combination product may reduce co-payments and make it easier to remember to take one medication rather than two or more, which in turn improves compliance and efficacy by ensuring consistent dosing regimen. For manufacturers, an FDC product can extend market exclusivity, and improve sales and profits, while for payers, it can reduce cost if it provides better clinical outcomes through therapeutic synergy, reduced side effects, or better compliance.


ComExx™ and MaxExx™ are complementary technologies that provide highly compact and relatively small size fixed dose combination drug products. They accommodate a wide range of drug loadings and drug release profiles. The manufacturing processes are solvent-free, easily scalable and continuous.

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