DisExx™ and SolExx™, Complementary Solubility Enhancement Technologies

DisExx™ utilizes a hot melt extrusion process to improve solubility/bioavailability of poorly soluble drug substances while SolExx™ employs formulation and processing conditions that are effective at low temperatures. The technologies can integrate solubility enhancement with modified release properties or fixed dose combination products as needed. Both processes are easily scalable, solvent-free and continuous.


ModExx™ and OptExx™, Highly Versatile Modified Release Technologies

ModExx™ and OptExx™ are technology platforms that reduce or eliminate dose dumping due to food effects or inadvertent tampering by patients. The technologies are applicable to poorly soluble and highly soluble drug substances, and are designed to provide dosage forms that exhibit a variety of release mechanisms, including zero-order release. The dosage forms comprise tablets or pellets and can accommodate high drug load.


Sync-Loc™, A multi-barrier Abuse Deterrent Technology Platform

Sync-Loc™ utilizes a synchronized abuse deterrent mechanism that relies on physical, mechanical and chemical barriers to reduce or prevent dosage form tampering such as crushing, chewing, grinding, extraction and vaporization and hence all modes of abuse, i.e., swallowing, snorting, injection and smoking. The technology has also additional features that shorten development time and prolong shelf-life of products. Products developed using Sync-Loc™ technology are expected to be granted ADF labeling designation by FDA.


ComExx™ and MaxExx™, Flexible Proprietary FDC Technologies

ComExx™ and MaxExx™ are complementary technologies that provide highly compact and relatively small size fixed-dose combination drug products. They accommodate a wide range of drug loadings and drug release profiles. The technologies utilize twin screw extrusion manufacturing processes and are solvent-free, easily scalable and continuous.


DisperExx™, Dispersible Oral Dosage Form Technology

DisperExx™ is suitable for the development of pediatric and geriatric tablets for suspensions and dispersible multiparticulates. The technology, which encompasses aspects of the other core ExxPharma technologies, utilizes combinations of appropriate excipients that meet regulatory requirements and highly-reproducible, cost-effective manufacturing processes.