Abuse Deterrence

Sync-Loc™, A multi-barrier Abuse Deterrent Technology Platform


ExxPharma has developed a proprietary abuse deterrent technology (“Sync-Loc™”) platform that overcomes all modes of product tampering (crushing, chewing, grinding, extraction and vaporization) and hence all modes of abuse (swallowing, snorting, injection and smoking). Sync-Loc™ utilizes a synchronized abuse deterrent mechanism that relies on physical, mechanical and chemical barriers to prevent dosage form tampering. The technology has additional features that shorten development time and prolong shelf-life of products. Products developed using Sync-Loc™ technology are expected to be granted ADF labeling designation by FDA.


Sync-Loc™ Features


  • Utilizes innovative formulation & process design

  • Employs multiple barriers of deterrence in the dosage form

  • Releases the active ingredient through a hybrid mechanism

  • Produces tablets and multiparticulates

  • Imparts chemical and physical stability on a drug product